In October we held a series of grouse league matches, held on 4 saturdays, which proved very successful. The average winning weight each match was about 40lbs and most anglers were getting 15lb bags. These were mainly roach, no bream were caught. The overal winner was Bill Walker.

October was a good month for the pike anglers as well with the beginning of the month producing a lot of fish. Mark Petersen had 10 pike (4 were double figure fish) and Rafal and his son had 21 pike between them with the largest being 19lbs. Some of the bigger fish were caught at the end of the month with at least 4 over 20lbs. 

Simon Dixon who was lure fishing from a boat caught his first pike over 20lb with one of 21lb 8oz. Paul Trevey was dead baiting from "Noahs Ark" car park and landed the largest pike recorded this winter which was just under 22lbs



The beginning of the pike fishing season started on May 1st for the boat anglers and a very good day it turned out to be. Lots of pike were caught but the two largest fish on the day were netted by Les Hack with one of 15lbs and Mark Brand with one of 19lbs.    It has continued to fish well with some anglers including Tim Parker and Thomas Aleskus catching more than 20 pike in a session.    The match anglers have also been doing well with plenty of roach and rudd being netted along with some big bream with quite a number in the 6-9lb bracket.

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June 2013 Fishing Report

Since the beginning of May, the pike fishing has been very consistent with most anglers catching on a visit to the reservoir. Tim Parker and his friend Clarke had a great opening day. They managed to net 12 pike between them with Tim breaking the 20lb barrier for the first time at Ardleigh with a fish weighing in at 20lb 8oz. Colin Smith had 4 pike on the same day,all double figure fish. Since then Colin has fished a number of times and has yet to blank,on one occasion he brought along his 7 year old nephew on his first fishing trip out in a boat and he was over the moon when he managed to land a 14lb pike,they also had another 6 pike on that day.

Other anglers who have done well recently include Les Hack who netted 4 pike to 14lbs. Jill Wright who, with both husband and son, have fished twice in the last couple of weeks and have had pike up to 14lbs and some nice perch. Eddie Edvinas and friends have also fished quite a number of times and always seem to do well. Eddie's friend broke his record with a 18lb pike caught from a boat.

The bank anglers have also been catching, Craig Alcott had 2 fish the best was 16lbs. It has also been reported to us that one angler had a 24lb pike. There have also been quite a few carp out in the last few weeks, but as usual the carp anglers are a secretive bunch and don`t divulge too much. Season permit holder Jonathan Coote netted a nice 21lb mirror. We know there have been 3 mirrors caught on the Wick lane lake of 18lb,23lb and 25lbs and 3 more on the main reservoir of 19lb,23lb and 25lbs but the best session recently was from another season permit holder Ian,who had 5 carp out with one topping the scales at 38lbs.

Ardleigh Reservoir was opened in 1971 and beside its primary water supply it also supports two major sports being fishing and sailing. Found in the picturesque Constable country of Essex just north of Colchester in East Anglia; Ardleigh reservoir is ideal for the sport of fishing as it holds carp to more than 40lbs, pike to more than 25lbs and large shoals of bream, many more than 10lbs each as well as a good stock of Roach, Rudd, Perch, Tench and some eels as well.